Blue Feet

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Category: Names of sports

Person 1: Basketball

Person 2: Lacrosse

Person 3: Football

Devin (pauses): Blue… feet.  (Stutters)  Blue feet.

UNBELIEVABLE.  Room breaks into laughter.


We are locking the door next time

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Devin and I left our room for a long amount of time a few days back.  I needed to go back to the room to get a tie, and the door was left unlocked (it was Devin’s responsibility to lock it since he had his keys out).  I arrived back at the room with two friends several hours later- Devin was not there.  I tried to open the door, but it snapped back shut.  I got really scared because I knew that Devin was at a basketball game.  I then kicked the door opened and was amazed by what I saw.  Our doorknob was taped to our bedframe, which prevented the door from really opening.  There was duct tape hanging from pretty much every available surface in the room.  Devin’s mattress had been placed on top of mine, and they had been taped together.  A really inappropriate image had been crafted on Devin’s blanket, made entirely from tape.  And a chair was taped to our two mattresses, though it had previously been taped to the wall.  The people behind the prank soon came in, but we all cleared out when Devin returned.  They all hid in one room while I hid in the bathroom.  Devin came to get me, and was irrate while I pretended to have no idea what was going on.  When he opened our door and showed me he started screaming like an angry Jewish man.  Then 8-10 ppl ran out of the other room and into our room.  Then they closed the door and locked us out.

Devin’s celebrity encounter

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On the way back from Thanksgiving break, I got a text from Devin asking if I knew who the name of “that short latino actor with a lisp”.  Of course, I didn’t, so I asked for more specifics.  Devin then proceeded to confuse “The Princess Bride” and “The Princess Diaries” at least twice, and then gave me the names of a very strange assortment of movies.  Devin then sent me a picture of three people standing by baggage claim in O’Hare, and one of the people was apparently the actor to which he had previously referred.   Eventually, we were able to identify the man on IMDB, even though he was a B-list actor at best.

Devin gets owned in the face

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This happened a long time ago. Devin was in the bathroom, and people were chasing each other around with a bottle of shaving cream. I hear a lot of yelling and I run outside my room. Apparently, Devin was caught unaware upon leaving the bathroom and ended up with shaving cream all over his face. He walked around like that for a while, but later washed it off.

The Coppertone

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On the show “How I Met Your Mother” there is a tactic where on a bad date, a person invites himself into his date’s house. While she leaves the room, he lies down on her bed and takes off his clothes. While naked, one can assume several poses. Devin, while fully clothed, decided to demonstrate his favorite, the Coppertone. He stood on his tip toes, pulled his pants down slightly, turned his head around, opened his mouth wide and put his hand over his mouth in a gesture of mock shock. Having not shaved in several days, Devin looked like a homeless mime trying to seduce a member of the circus.

Devin almost trips, actually trips

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Devin walked into a friend’s room and sort of tripped over the couch. No one really noticed because they were so used to Devin tripping over things. Devin then decided to demonstrate what had happened. So as he made his way to the couch, he tripped over a piece of tape and actually fell over.

A belated greeting

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I eventually fell back to sleep after being woken by the spillage, but woke up about two hours later.  Devin was watching some episode of the West Wing that he had probably seen eight times.  He was so engrossed in his show that about fifteen minutes after I had gotten out of bed and moved to the futon, he turned to me and remarked that I was finally awake.